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Independent Study Process

Designing and Completing Your Independent Study

    1. Communicate with your faculty advisor about your independent study idea(s)
    2. With your faculty advisor, determine the focus, methods, and resources needed to carry out your independent study
    3. Download the Independent Study Proposal form
    4. Prepare an Independent Study Proposal form for each project you plan on doing
    5. Submit the Proposal Form to Phyllis Thompson for review
    6. Once approved by Dr. Thompson, send the form to Katrina at Pacific and copy the form for Kelli at ICI
    7. Complete Independent Study
    8. Submit completed Independent Study to Phyllis for review and grading

Registering for Your Independent Study

    1. Print, fill out, and submit the Pacific registration forms you receive from Katrina
    2. Return the forms to Katrina via email attachment by the deadline
    3. The deadlines for registering an Independent Study are:

      May 24 for Summer-Fall 2013* (contact your advisor if an extension is needed)
      November 22 for Spring 2014
      June 1 Payment is due

    4. Cost per credit is $888 (2013-14 academic year)

If you are ready to start, download the proposal and contact your faculty advisor to discuss your ideas. After you have developed a draft of your proposal, Phyllis will be happy to discuss any questions that you might have and help you finalize your proprosal; please email her at thompson.phyllis2@gmail.com. To make a phone appointment, please email first to set up a mutually agreeable time.  

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